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Behind The Scenes

If These Chairs Could Talk

You’ve heard the expression “If these walls could talk.” Meaning the history of the room has a story to tell. This saying comes to mind when I see the two chairs in our newest original exhibit Perception: The Illusion of Reality. If you scroll below, you’ll see the complete...

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Engineering Our Future in Leo’s Workshop

Millions of little projects…well maybe not millions, but lots of little hands making cardboard machines, rubber band cars, Marshmallow Delivery Devices (catapults), JitterBots, automata, Dragon Grabbers, things that fly or not…It’s all good fun and “just” another day at The Leo! Sometimes this old guy who has tinkered for...

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Sweet Stuff

Thanks to all of you who participated in my Spring camper’s sweetener experiment! Emmie, Jasmina, and Hunter had an awesome time being real scientists: designing and executing a method to help them answer a question- Which sweetener is sweetest? They asked 14 of you to taste samples of four...

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Baking with Zanetta

I started using baking as a release when I moved into my first apartment at 18. I can’t say that I found cooking and baking until then, until I was out on my own. I was going to school to become a lawyer. I worked at an office supply...

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