City Blocks Exhibit At The Leonardo

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Exhibit opens Saturday, March 17th at noon.

This exhibit uses none other than LEGO® bricks to ask what makes a good and beautiful city. The exhibit will contain large LEGO® models of historic or interesting buildings in Salt Lake City.


About The Exhibit

This exhibit is designed to get you thinking like a city planner! Take a tour around the Wasatch Front and see all sorts of interesting buildings, made entirely out of LEGO® bricks.

  • See LEGO® sculptures of interesting buildings in the city
  • Read about the future of the Wasatch Front
  • Learn about the history of city planning and Leonardo da Vinci’s stint as an urban planner
  • Get hands-on with LEGO® interactive software

Why LEGO® bricks? Children and grownups alike love these colorful snap-together building bricks. Engineers, designers and architects have shared their love for LEGO® bricks, as well.



One of Leonardo’s earliest and most promising sketches was a highly detailed drawing of the Tuscan landscape near his home. Da Vinci merged his studies of abstract geometry into a beautiful design for buildings. It also incoporated ideas of circulation he gained from studying the human body.




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