Educator Resources


The Leonardo is committed to providing resources to K-12 educators to support them in the classroom and on a visit to The Leonardo.


Exhibit Educator Guides

Exhibit Educator Guides are collections of information about each of our educational exhibits. Each guide includes background information on exhibit content, suggestions for how students can interact with and learn from the exhibit, ideas for lesson plans to use before and after a field trip to the museum, and correlations to Utah Core Standards.

Lesson Plans

The Leonardo’s mission is to fuse science, technology, and art in experiences that inspire creativity and innovation in people of all ages and backgrounds. We are proud to offer lesson plans correlated to both Utah Core Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards’ model of Three Dimensional Learning.




Exhibit Educator Guides


FLIGHT is the Leonardo’s first large scale self-produced exhibit. This exhibit showcases the science, technology and art that make flying through the air possible. This Educator Guide includes background content on the science of flight and the components included in the exhibit, Utah Core Standard correlations, and suggestions for lesson plans before and after a field trip. Download it here:


Alien Worlds and Androids (February 2017 – May 2017)

“Are We Alone?” is a question that has fascinated man for centuries. In this exhibit, visitors join scientists in their search for alien life in and beyond our solar system and discover strange alien-like creatures found here on Earth. With content that showcases the cutting-edge science taking place at organizations such as JPL and NASA, Alien Worlds & Androids brings guests face-to-face with worlds far beyond their own, and introduces the technology that takes them there. This Educator Guide includes suggestions on activities for your students before, during and after your visit, as well as background content on the science and technology of defining, searching for, and understanding life. This exhibit includes physical science, life science, earth science, and engineering content. Download it here:



Your mind is astonishing! Your mind constructs your experience by distorting, adding and even leaving things out. By focusing on three senses–touch, hearing and sight–Perception explores how your mind manipulates sensory data to shape your view of the world. This Educator Guide includes suggestions on how your student could interact with the exhibit during a field trip, and Utah Core Standard correlations. Download it here:




Lesson Plans

Airfoils and Lift

How do planes fly? What is lift?

This lesson will explore the pushing/pulling force of lift through airfoil design. Students will explore Bernoulli’s principle through hands-on experiments. This lesson will focus on physical science through fun kinesthetic learning opportunities. Students will formulate a hypothesis, develop, and test their airfoil and reflect upon their experiment. Download it here: