Things to Do & See at The Leo



Explore the furthest horizons in The Leonardo’s first original blockbuster exhibit, FLIGHT! Sit in the pilot’s seat of our C-131 aircraft, then learn about the forces that make flying possible. Follow the timeline of human flight and of the aviation industry right here in Utah. More Info >



Perception: The Illusion of Reality

Your mind is astonishing! Learn how the human mind constructs experiences by distorting, adding and even leaving things out. By focusing on three senses–touch, hearing and sight–Perception explores how your mind manipulates sensory data to shape your view of the world. More info >



Follow the thread of history and learn the triumphant stories of trailblazing women. Featuring “Work In Progress,” a mural by exhibit curator Jann Haworth and dozens of local artists and contributors. More Info >



Innovation Showcase

The Innovation Showcase is made of two halves, Made in Utah and Women Innovators, and displays some of the inventions created in Utah that have impacted the entire world. More Info >


Fantastic Forgeries

Everything in this exhibit is a fake. Explore within and discover what’s possible when you follow your creativity wherever it leads.


Young Inventor’s Garden

Let your littlest Leonardo explore color, construction, and more in an exhibit made just for them. Creativity blooms in the Young Inventor’s Garden!


Hands On @ The Leo


O.C. Tanner Atrium

Get your wheels turning and curiosity burning before you dive into the museum in the O.C. Tanner Atrium. The atrium features a seasonally rotating series of inspiring mini-exhibits and activities. More Info >


Leonardo’s Workshop

In Leonardo’s Workshop, you’ll discover the basic forces behind engineering by tinkering, designing, and problem solving. More Info >



Leonardo’s Studio

Create your next masterpiece in our colorful and immersive art studio and learn about how art intersects with science and technology. More Info >

Leonardo’s Laboratory

Observe, ask questions, and experiment! Become a real mad scientist in Leonardo’s Laboratory – if only for the day. More Info >


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