Things to Do & See at The Leo




   No Fixed Address

 No Fixed Address gives people without a permanent residence an opportunity to introduce themselves to the world. As you wander its halls and  ponder its portraits, you’ll realize, perhaps for the first time, that these aren’t “homeless people,” they’re people. And they’re just like you.  More  Info >   


Perception: The Illusion of Reality

Your mind is astonishing! And so is our newest exhibit. Your mind constructs your experience by distorting, adding and even leaving things out. By focusing on three senses–touch, hearing and sight–Perception explores how your mind manipulates sensory data to shape your view of the world. More info >




While water literally connects the world (it covers 70% of the earth’s surface), The Leonardo’s latest original exhibit explores the many ways water connects us in science, culture, politics and life. How can something so common also be so complex? More Info >


Innovation Showcase

AKA Made in Utah, this exhibit displays some of the inventions created in Utah that have impacted the entire world. Currently includes: Jarvik Artificial Heart, the Frisbee, the Television, and Gene Knockout Technology. More Info >

Hands On @ The Leo


Leo Lobby

Before a big meal, you have an appetizer. Before a run, you stretch. The Leo Lobby is here to get your wheels turning and curiosity burning before you dive into all the action. More Info >



Leonardo’s Workshop

In Leonardo’s Workshop, you’ll discover the tinkerer, the designer, and the problem-solver in you. This is a place where you learn through doing. Make mistakes. Discover. Solve the unsolvable. More Info >



Leonardo’s Studio

Most museums are full of “Do Not Touch” signs. While you might find a few in The Leonardo, this corner is a “Do Not Not Touch” zone.  We want you to dive in and learn how science and technology influence art. More Info >

Science Lab

You can’t be curious if you don’t have any questions. And you’ll never have questions if you don’t observe the world around you. In the Science Lab we learn to observe, ask questions, and then experiment! More Info >


Think Math

The answer to life’s greatest question lies in this part of The Leonardo: when am I ever going to use math? Come see how math is all around you in technology and even art. More Info >



Pixel Playland

Pixel Playland is an idea training ground for Young Explorers. Here they can mix light, explore patterns, build and arrange “pixel” images with blocks, and enjoy original animations. More Info >