veil-lashes-1x1The Hylozoic Veil

When you walk into a place called “The Leonardo” you can only expect to find art, in all its forms, covering every inch of the place. The Hylozoic Veil, the only piece in the museum you can see from every floor, even permeates the air.

This incredibly unique three-story piece is an immersive, responsive environment that combines physics, chemistry, sculpture, engineering, and even hints of artificial life (but not the spooky kind).

It was created by Phillip Beesley, who we consider to be a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci, so excuse us for a second while we contain our excitement!

(breathe) Ok, we’re good.




The Hylozoic Veil was created with the ability to react to its environment, and it’s movement is captivating—almost like it’s submerged in water. The arms move in reaction to temperature increases and decreases, while proximity sensors trigger circuits to cause parts of the installation to move if it senses that someone or something is too close. (Is that cool or what?) The Hylozoic Veil combines art, science, technology, and physics, making it the perfect addition to The Leonardo.





The Hylozoic Veil was created to help us understand the relationship between all living things here on earth. This amazing creation combines physics, chemistry, art, and engineering to mimic natural systems, and paves way for responsive architecture of the future!

Staff Tip: Watch the installation move from below, or head on up to the 2nd floor and get a little closer to one of the arms. See if it will react. Try softly blowing warm air on it. Does it coil?

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