Leo Lobby

What if you could experience the world like Leonardo Da Vinci did? Like a warm-up before a run, The Lobby is designed to introduce you to the mind of Leonardo and get your curiosity burning. You’ll leave The Lobby with some mental tools you can use during your visit to the museum and in your everyday life.

First, you’ll learn seven key principles that guided Leonardo’s inquiry: Look, Sense, Question, Connect, Document, Draw, Make. The Lobby then offers a variety of brain-teasers, spatial reasoning exercises, blind contour drawings and even a build-it-yourself miniature of a portable bridge invented by Leonardo himself. Launch your adventure by writing down as many questions as you can in The Lobby’s book of questions, which is filled by visitors like you.



This museum exists to help you discover it. Like Leonardo was, we’re committed to the idea that there is no one “correct” way of thinking. Whether your interests lie in science, technology, art, or mathematics (or elsewhere), your unique quest to understand the world lasts as long as you can remain curious.






Staff Tip: The originators of blind contour drawing believed that, although it wouldn’t give you a pretty picture, it would train the eye and hand to work together and teach attention to detail.

Find Your Inner Genius. 

Ask questions. Be curious. This is a museum where you touch the exhibits.

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