leo-studio-1x1Leonardo’s Studio

When people think of Leonardo Da Vinci they first think of his art—Mona Lisa, The Last Supper—but to Leo, art, science, and technology were all interconnected, even indecipherable. His inventions were science, his discoveries were art. We feel the exact same way, which is why we created Leonardo’s Studio.

In this corner of The Leonardo you won’t find any “Do Not Touch” signs. In fact, we’ve considered repurposing these signs by painting over the “Do Not” part. We want you to dive in and learn how science and technology influence art. We want you to create, to discover, to be awesome. To be a genius.



Creating is an innate desire. You can no more avoid it than you can food (don’t even try to tell us you can avoid food). In Leonardo’s Studio you can create virtually anything your inner genius can think of, whether that means a mind-blowing Claymation film, a stop-motion movie, or a green screen enhanced featurette starring Friends and Co.

And, of course, you’re not a true artist until you’re featured in a museum (or so we hear) or have shared your masterpiece through social media.




Leonardo’s Studio is available to anyone, at anytime, with general entrance to the museum. So jaunt on over, where you’ll have the chance to paint, sculpt, draw, and create the da Vinci way, which, if we weren’t clear before, pretty much means getting your hands in everything and having countless, fantastic, inner genius moments.

Staff Tip: 
We love to share our visitors’ artwork through social media. Make something amazing and you’ll leave us no choice but to brag about how awesome you are.



Find Your Inner Genius. 

Ask questions. Be curious. This is a museum where you touch the exhibits.

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