Leonardo’s Laboratory

In the modern world (we’re getting on our soapbox for a second) many of us forget to observe anything outside of our social media feeds. While we’re staying “connected” to the digital world, we often forget to slow things down, take a look around, and observe our surroundings.

To stay curious and find your inner genius, you first need to notice the world around you. So, while the rest of The Leonardo is go-go-go, in the Science Lab we slow things down, observe what’s around us, ask questions, and then experiment!

OK, soapbox time is over, now.





The Science Lab is filled with amazing experiments that range from chemistry to biology to rules of electricity. One minute you can be learning how to turn a liquid into a gooey solid (using another liquid), and the next you could literally be looking inside your body with our ultrasound.

No matter what you decide to do in the Lab, you will come away with one valuable lesson: before you can ask questions, you first have to slow down and observe the amazing things happening around you.





Of course, slowing down doesn’t mean you have any less fun! We have a ton of awesome activities. Come discover with us on the second floor of The Leonardo!



Find Your Inner Genius. 

Ask questions. Be curious. This is a museum where you touch the exhibits.

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