Hylozoic Veil is the vision of world-renowned Canadian architect Philip Beesley. Mr. Beesley's installations have been displayed all over the globe, including the 2010 Venice Biennale. The Leonardo is thrilled to host Hylozoic Veil, Mr. Beesley's only permanent installation in the United States and the largest in his Hylozoic series. 

This unique three-story piece is an immersive, responsive environment that combines physics, chemistry, sculpture, engineering, and even hints of artifical life. It reacts to your presence, paving the way for the responsive architecture of the future. 

Hylozoic Veil combines art, technology, science, and an enormous amount of creativity, making it the perfect embodiment of The Leonardo Museum. See it from our public lobby, up-close on our Second Floor Observation Area, or look at from above on the Third Floor. 

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Hylozoic Veil is composed of over 500,000 individual pieces. In August of 2011 community volunteers joined The Philip Beesley Team and Leonardo Staffers to assemble Hylozoic Veil. See a glimpse of the process in the video below. 

Philip Beesley discusses the process and ideas that went into the creation of Hylozoic Veil.