First LEGO League Programs At The Leonardo

First Lego League At The Leonardo



So you’ve kicked-off the FIRST Lego League season and now the team is stuck, what next? How does a team come up with an innovative idea? What strategies are there to complete multiple missions? Stuck on Mindstorms programming? We can help answer your questions and give tips for a successful robot game. Join our team of FLL alumni and U of U volunteers for a walk through of hands-on exploration that will inspire you stay on track!

FLL workshop October 15th 2pm-4pm

$25 per Team (1 coach 10 members)



FLL workshop November 12th 10am-noon

FREE for team (1 coach 10 members) At this event, the workshop is limited to 4 teams only. Register ASAP!




 All teams who participate in the November 12th workshop will also get access to The Leo’s first annual Tech Fest! Join us for more robots, drones, video games, virtual reality, hands-on activities and more!



Are your robots almost ready for the big day? Test your progress at our scrimmage! This is just like the real state competitions so bring all that you’ve got for robot games and teamwork judging. Our FLL alumni and U of U volunteers are ready to give your teams a boost as they prepare to tackle the last weeks of the season.


FLL scrimmage December 10th 10am-4pm

Free for teams (1 coach 10 members) This is event is limited to 16 teams only



Practice Space

Practice space now available! FREE for teams Every Monday-Thursday 3:30pm-5pm. To reserve an FLL table please contact Lola Reyes Please note that we welcome families to all events however general admission is required for all non-FLL members.