Homeschool Education Day at The Leonardo: FAQ’s

Do I need to RSVP or register for this event?



Can my children come for Homeschool Day without me?

All children must be accompanied and supervised by a legal parent or guardian.


What do I need to bring with me?

To receive free admission, you must present your homeschool certificate/affidavit at Admissions. This offer extends only to children listed on the homeschool certificate and their 1-2 parents. If neither parent is available to attend, a legal guardian can accompany the children, but he/she must bring the certificate/affidavit that names the children.


Can the rest of my family visit The Leonardo as well?

Any children not listed on the certificate/affidavit must pay general admission. This includes any homeschooled students not listed on the certificate/affidavit. Note all children under age 3 are free. Any additional adults (other than the 1-2 parents) must pay general admission. Details are available at:


Can online charter school students get free admission?

Students enrolled in an online charter school are part of the public school system and qualify to be a part of a fully sponsored school fieldtrip (funding provided by the Utah State Office of Education). A teacher from the online charter school can learn more at: Any non-school siblings will require a general admission ticket. Homeschooled children are also eligible to participate in the sponsored fieldtrips organized by their local public school. Contact the school’s principal to let him/her know that you are interested and to find out dates of those fieldtrips.


Where can I park?

The Leonardo does not offer parking validations; however, public transportation is easily accessible from the museum. Details are available at:


Are there any options for lunch?

The Leonardo’s Salt Bistro has numerous food and beverage options. If you choose to bring a sack lunch, seating will be available in the Curiosity Corner of the museum.

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