Innovation Unleashed: A Creativity and Innovation Workshop

Bring your team to The Leonardo and get creative. Developing a creative and innovative workplace is consistently rated a top goal for U.S. CEOs, yet it is often easier said than done. Our Innovation Unleashed Workshop plants the seeds for an inspired office culture. Our sessions, running from one hour to a full day, help employees see their work in new ways, discover original solutions to persist problems, increase their contributions to your organization and bond with coworkers. The workshop addresses common “creativity barriers” as well as teaches simple strategies and processes for fostering creativity and innovation, all through a multitude of engaging and fun activities.

Sample Activity Session:

THINKING like an innovator

  • Understanding Your Influence
  • Failing with a Purpose
  • Recognizing the Social Contract

CREATING like an innovator

  • Design Thinking 101
  • Iteration, prototypes, and the importance of running experiments
  • Listening to Create

PRODUCING like an innovator

  • Action-Planning and Accountability
  • Overcoming Seven Barriers to Innovative Action

Participant Outcomes:

  • Improve listening and problem identification skills
  • Learn a leading process for generating new ideas and how to improve them through continuous iteration
  • Improve teamwork and group communication skills
  • Identify blocks to creative thinking
  • Learn strategies for building creative thinking skills
  • Embrace making mistakes and “failing forward”

When CEOs were asked, “What is the skill you most value in your people?”, they said: creativity, the ability to solve problems, come up with new solutions, and use brainpower to figure things out.

– U.S. News

98% of Kindergartners score genius level at Divergent Thinking. Only 2% of Adults score at genius level.

– Psychology Today

Gallup Employee Engagement poll from 2011 found that 71% of American workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” from their work.

– Fortune

60% of CEOs agree that Creativity was most important leadership quality for the next five years. Trait that got the most consensus over any other.

– Fast Company

75% of people feel they are not living up to their creative potential.

– Adobe

Real Participant Testimonials

“I had several ah ha moments that I am for sure going to take back with me…. I am very excited about how we can use the skills and knowledge to rethink some old problems and be innovative in our solutions. So…thank you!”

“I thought that it was an excellent training with tremendous potential to impact the nonprofit and for-profit sectors by helping people become better and more creative problem solvers both individually and collectively.”

“My main takeaway from the retreat was that it is valid and necessary to periodically carve out time away from the day-to-day grind to think creatively and reorient yourself in your vision. I feel this is especially important for people who are transitioning into greater positions of influence and team coordination. I have moved quickly from a grunt-worker position into a coordinator role, and these workshops that focus on developing vision and defining specific goals are particularly helpful at this time.”

“I appreciated the ability to break through perception barriers and come to solutions that may not have been previously accessible in the normal routine of decision-making at the office.”

“It is definitely different than other trainings and tapped into areas of thinking and creating that I had not previously experienced. I would rank it in the top 5.”


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