The Leonardo's Education Philosophy

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Today’s students are part of an increasingly complex, demanding and interconnected world. Innovation skills separate those who successfully navigate this world from those who do not. There is a vast discrepancy between the rate of advancement in science and technology and the ability and creativity of young Americans to think and act in new ways.

Leonardo DaVinci saw all knowledge as related and all the world’s disciplines as one whole. Drawing on his thinking, The Leonardo’s educational programming integrates all fields of learning through hands-on, inquiry-based experiences to sharpen students’ abilities to think creatively, critically analyze their own ideas, and solve real problems. These first-hand learning experiences promote divergent thinking as students explore subjects through a wide array of lenses, providing the foundation to solve a lifetime of unusual constructs.

Through school visits, educator training, ongoing programming, and on-site exhibits, The Leonardo invites students to take part in extensive inquiry and investigation. By integrating cutting-edge innovation with creative thinking in formal and informal educational settings and fusing science, technology, engineering, math, and art with core curriculum, The Leonardo promotes the skills critical to building tomorrow’s leaders.