Leonardo’s Workshop

One of Leo’s best traits was that he couldn’t leave a problem unsolved. He would tinker and experiment until he found a solution to whatever obstacle he faced. Follow in his footsteps at Leonardo’s Workshop, by designing, tinkering, and testing countless solutions to the hands-on, thought intensive problems you’ll encounter.

Of course, the word “problem” is relative. Whether you’re building flying machines, putting Rube Goldberg to shame, or learning the basics of how electronics work, you’ll have so much fun you won’t even realize you’ve been—gasp!—engineering.






Well, actually, it comes from the Latin word for “cleverness.” And cleverness is definitely what you will need to have at the ready. Leo was certainly clever, but people also tend to forget just how many times he failed—that’s right, Leo got a whole bunch of “F’s” on many of his experiments.

As you dive in to the marble wall, mechanics table, and wind tube, you might make a few mistakes before succeeding. Just remember: anyone can do something right, but it takes a real genius to fail.





We’re proud to be a place you can wander and wonder, and you can’t get much more “wanderful” (ya, we went there) than when you’re exploring Leonardo’s Workshop. Make mistakes. Discover. Solve the unsolvable.

While you’ll come across dozens of questions and puzzles as you’re learning that engineering can be fun, we’ve got one for you before you even start: At which station will you discover your inner genius?

Staff Tip: Leonardo Da Vinci had ideas that were well ahead of his time including: conceptually inventing the helicopter, the use of solar power, the calculator, and even a rudimentary theory of plate tectonics.

Find Your Inner Genius. 

Ask questions. Be curious. This is a museum where you touch the exhibits.

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