May the 4th Weekend Celebrations!

This year, we’re excited to celebrate May the 4th as we close down our Alien Worlds and Androids exhibit. Come see C-3P0, R2-D2, and the whole gang one last time before the blast off into outer space forever. As part of the send-off celebration, we’re also proud to partner with Salt Lake ComicCon and Megaplex Theatres to offer an out-of-this world prize package to celebrate all things Star Wars. And it’s a tremendous package. The winner will receive:

  • One pair of VIP Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 Passes (valued at $500)
  • One Insatiably Curious membership to The Leonardo museum (valued at $250)
  • Megaplex Theatres Family 4 Pack Movie Night, including 4 Movie Tickets, 4 MegaMugs, a 2017 MegaTub Popcorn Tub, Candy, and Movie Studio Swag (valued at $250)

But, to enter, you’ve got to complete our clever digital scavenger hunt! Answer one question from each of the participating partner’s website and you’ll be entered to win! Then, visit any of the websites, fill out the form with your answers and you’ll be entered to win. It will be a blast!

The questions are:

  • What color shirt is Lando Calrissian wearing on Salt Lake Comic Con’s Star Wars alumni page?
  • Epic Star Wars characters are famous for losing limbs; but in other parts of the Disney universe, another Galaxy saving Guardian branches out. How many twigs is Baby Groot holding up on his right limb on the Megaplex Theatres movie poster?
  • At The Leonardo’s Alien Worlds and Androids exhibit, which famous Star Wars characters can you encounter?

Then, while you’re out hunting for answers, be sure to sign up for one of our celebratory events this weekend and party with us as we send the aliens away in style. May the Force be with YOU!

May The Fourth Events at The Leonardo:

Cookie Cooking Libations At The leo


Celebrate Star Wars with what else…great Star Wars food! Taking lessons from the official Star Wars cookbook, you can join us for a Star Wars themed wine pairing event like none other. You’ll eat greens from the planet Alderaan, Bantha meat and even enjoy a dessert fresh from the ice fields of Hoth. At only $45/person, it’s a meal that will transport you to the classier side of the cantina. Get tickets here.

Join us for what will be one of the most unique Star Wars celebration events you could attend. Our monthly Art After Dark 21+ night features a galaxy-sized celebration of the art of Star Wars. Better yet, you’ll be able to draw cool Star Wars characters with an even more delicious beverage in your hand, all while experiencing a night of fun and artistry at the hands of our partners, Sketch Cabaret. It should be a rollicking good time. Get your tickets here.

Rebels and Rogues Family Weekend

For our final Star Wars experience of the weekend, don’t forget to join us for Rebels and Rogues, our family event on Saturday and Sunday. There will be live light saber battles, storm troppers galore and of course, your chance to get your picture taken with R2-D2 and C-3P0 in person. Better yet, there will be some fun surprises that might even make you question whether or not Han shot first. Get your tickets here.

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