Mind Riot 2018 Application

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Gifting Challenge (Bonus Points)

Social entrepreneurship is all about pushing yourself to think bigger, do more, and create value for others, thereby changing their lives for the better. Think of the most wonderful/interesting/impactful gift you could give someone and try to make it happen. The challenge instructions and rules:

  1. You can't spend any money on this challenge.
  2. The person cannot be expecting this gift...it must be a surprise.
  3. Be as creative as you can. (Hint: the gift doesn't have to be big)
  4. Show us or talk about what you did/tried to do, for the Gifting Challenge, and post it on social media by May 1st, 2018, by tagging us in the post and using the hashtag #MindRiot2018 OR email mindriot@theleonardo.org




Applications are due May 11th, 2018.

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