Mind Riot – A Social Entrepreneurship Competition


What is Mind Riot?

A fast paced three-day entrepreneurship competition for Utah high school students wanting to change the world. Students learn what it means to be a social entrepreneur by forming teams, developing big ideas to improve social problems, and then pitching those big ideas for cash and prizes.

The Mind Riot Experience!

Day 1: Meet other participants and hone your skills through creative, fun activities that will set you up to get the most out of Mind Riot.

Day 2: Let the innovation begin! Work with a team to solve a problem you have collectively identified and truly care about solving. Work side-by-side with business and community leaders, and leverage their guidance and expertise to help make a feasible and impactful solution.

Day 3: Present your solution to the world for cash and prizes.


Mind Riot is a transformational 3-day event where you will create new friendships, build a professional network, and solve a pressing social problem along the way.

Click here to see more details about the Mind Riot experience.

Reasons to Participate in Mind Riot!

  • Resume and college application boost
  • Create lasting connections with experienced professionals
  • Increase knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship and problem solving
  • Meet new friends and build your personal network
  • Potential internships
  • Gain valuable experience in public speaking and presentation skills
  • Build self confidence in professional settings
  • Work with other smart like-minded students and take advantage of learning from our expert mentors.
  • Take your Mind Riot idea and turn it into a real business or organization!
  • Check out some testimonials for past Mind Rioters below.



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FAQ About Mind Riot

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