Mind Riot – A Social Entrepreneurship Competition


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What is Mind Riot?

A fast paced three-day entrepreneurship competition designed for Utah high school students that want to change the world. Students will learn about social entrepreneurship from professionals in the fields of science, business and technology. Students will form teams and design a product or service that would solve a social problem.




The Mind Riot Experience!

Day 1 is all about meeting other participants and honing skills that will help them be successful throughout the weekend.  There will be a lot of fun, hands-on creative workshops and activities.

Day 2 is when the work really begins.  Participants will work with a team to solve a problem they have all worked together to identify – a problem they care about solving.  Working side-by-side with the teams are business and community leaders, lending their guidance and expertise, to help make a feasible solution to combat the problem.

Day 3 is when students present their solutions to a panel of judges – and celebrate their success.  It is a transformational 3-day event that allows participants to build new friendships, begin building a professional network, and solving a problem they care about along the way.

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Reasons to Participate in Mind Riot!

  • Resume and college application boost
  • Create lasting connections with experienced professionals
  • Increase knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship and problem solving
  • Meet new friends and build your personal network
  • Potential internships
  • Gain valuable experience in public speaking and presentation skills
  • Build self confidence in professional settings

Work with other smart like-minded students and take advantage of learning from our expert mentors.  Check out some testimonials for past Mind Rioters below.


Mind Riot exists to create opportunities!

Mind Riot offers High School students the opportunity to compete in a social entrepreneurship competition and solve real world problems.  By working closely with adult mentors, students learn how to creatively problem solve and identify solutions to challenges.  Mind Riot is positioned as a launching pad for students to gain insight and experience in industries such as business, technology, science, and entrepreneurship.



Application Instructions


Top Four FAQ’s About Mind Riot



Do you have more questions about Mind Riot?  Click here for a full list of FAQ’s.  If your questions have still not been answered, send us an email at mindriot@theleonardo.org




“I gained curiosity and skills with teamwork and ability to work through problems.”

 Shubaira, age 16


“Life skills over all, within three days I went from your average kid to having the ability to communicate with adults effectively.”

Jeremy, age 16

“Overall it’s just an incredible experience and I am so glad I have gotten to participate and will never forget it!”

Diane, age 15

“It is a fantastic opportunity that is seldom other places that encourages creativity in the goal to make a difference or change the world.”

Joshua, age 16


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