Leo After Hours

A series of public events that tackle current topics and their impact on society. Local experts from universities, industry, and government join the public for lively discussions in a laid-back, evening atmosphere.

Swim with Caution: The Civilian’s Guide to Navigating the Gene Pool

Arguably one of the most significant scientific discoveries of the past century, the mapping of the human genome raises almost as many questions as it answers. These are questions that will profoundly impact the way we think about our health, about disease and about free will. 

This special hand-selected panel of scientists will offer insight into the what, why, and how of genetics.
Please come prepared with questions.

Date: Thursday, March 12
Time: 6:00 – 7:30PM
Place: The Leonardo (209 East 500 South)


Produced by The Leonardo and USTAR, with support from CH2M Hill.