Summer Camps & Apprenticeships @ The Leo

Camps for K-3rd Graders

Camps for 4th-7th Graders

Apprenticeships for 8th-12th Graders



Camps for K-3rd Graders

Creative Chemistry

Get creative with Chemistry! We will experiment with properties of metals and polymers. Use chemistry to to tie-dye, electroplate, and even make your own ink! Be ready to get messy while creating unique works of art to take home.

Creative Chemistry - Dates & Rates

Energy Adventures

Campers will experience the power of their world by exploring the energy that surrounds them. Campers will use solar and wind energy in all kinds of hands-on projects, and even explore how their own body uses energy. Expect lots of fun projects: sailboats, LEDs and even some solar art!

Energy Adventures - Dates & Rates

Feathery Fliers

How do birds fly? How could you fly? Campers will make their own wearable wings and bird feet, a bird house for their yard and more! Campers will learn about living things that fly and  move through the air. This Summer Camp is being run by the Leonardo’s Resident Artist.

Feathery Fliers - Dates & Rates


Ewwww! Grossology is designed to disgust and delight while exploring boogers, brains, poop, and more. Students will use taste, touch, and smell to investigate the gross world around us. They will test the strength of their spit and track their own digestive systems. So come and join in on all the foul fun!

Grossology - Dates & Rates

Music Machines

Are you ready to feel the Rhythm? Join us as we discover the amazing physics of sound.  We will explore music around the world and build our own instruments. Discover the energy in sound waves and make waves that travel through different states of matter. Get ready to make some music!

Music Machines - Dates & Rates

Pirate Adventures

Your child will learn how science and engineering play a big part of a Pirate’s Life. Each day will be a new adventure your child will *treasure*! Working as a “crew”, your child will make treasure maps, explore navigation, and learn about biodiversity under the sea. Each “matey” will have a chance to make their own pirate outfit and hunt for treasure!

Pirate Adventures - Dates & Rates

Science of ColorDiscovery

Presented in partnership with Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum

Explore the physics behind light and color with fun science experiments. Discover how color is used in art and create your own pieces of art in various mediums such as paint and clay. Use your favorite science of color concepts to make a stunning art project to take home at the end of the week!

Science of Color - Dates & Rates

Storybook Science

Come and explore children’s stories like The Snow Queen, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Robin Hood! You will make a new bed for Goldilocks to sleep in, make a Frozen fortress to withstand a slew of snowballs, and learn how to use a bow and arrow just like Robin Hood!

Storybook Science - Dates & Rates

Camps for 4th-7th Graders

Game Design

Presented in partnership with Animal JamAJ Logo

Learn about game design with Animal Jam! Campers will start simple by asking “What is a game?” and learning the important elements of game and stories. By the end of the week, campers will be challenged to combine the natural world with technology to design their own game.

Game Design - Dates & Rates

Garden Gadgets

From compost to harvest, campers will explore the science and fun of working with plants. Campers will investigate the chemistry of composting, design and build their own gardening tools, grow , build terraria, and create their own plant-based works of art! Any harvested edible plants will be eaten or contributed to the Kitchen Concoctions camp.

Garden Gadgets - Dates & Rates

It IS Rocket Science!

3, 2, 1, Blast Off! Campers will blast their way into rocket science by building rockets and missiles from recycled materials. They will investigate Newton’s Laws of Motion first-hand, create explosive artwork, launch water missiles, and experiment with different rocket designs as they learn what makes a rocket work.

It IS Rocket Science - Dates & Rates

Kitchen Concoctions

Are you ready to cook with science? With the help of The Leo’s Executive Chef campers will learn how to turn milk into plastic, fruit into fruit roll ups, lemon juice into rockets, and more. At the end of the week we will have an all-out cupcake design challenge!

Kitchen Concoctions - Dates & Rates

Lego Robotics @ The Leo

Computer Science is even more fun when Legos and robotics are combined! Students will build Lego Mindstorms Robots and practice programming. In teams they will challenge themselves to FIRST Lego League missions, learn to fuse art and tech with creative programs, and even test their skills at battle bots.

Lego Robotics @ The Leo - Dates & Rates

Superhero Science

In this camp, campers will take charge of their destiny and become a superhero! Campers will discover their superhero identities, create origin stories and adventures documented in their personal comic/zine. Students will explore the science and ethics behind a superhero’s journey, and develop costumes to disguise their human identity. In pursuit of truth, justice, science, and art, students will blast off in an adventure for the ages!

Superhero Science - Dates & Rates

Spy School

Do you want to be a spy? Come and learn how to be one! Start out by learning different codes and ciphers, then make a secret compartment out of an ordinary item, make a periscope to peer around corners and see how fast you can escape from a room to save the day!

Spy School - Dates & Rates

Survival 101

Campers will be part of an exciting team of “shipwrecked” travelers who face new challenges each day!  Using  engaging science activities and engineering, your child will play the role of “ island architect” as he/she constructs a  shelter, explore how water filtration works, design an altoid tin stove, and learn useful survival techniques!

Survival 101 - Dates & Rates

Apprenticeships for 8th-12th Graders

Robotics Apprenticeship – Build and Code a Robot!

Explore the world of computers and robots using the Raspberry Pi 3.
Take a vacation from twiddling your thumbs texting, surfing, and playing games. It’s time to use a computer and a collection of motors, gears, wheels, and sensors to assemble and program a real robot.
You’ll learn how to use the Raspberry Pi 3, a real computer, which can do almost everything you do with your gaming machine, or smartphone–except waste time and destroy brain cells.
Learn the basics of the Linux operating system, and the Python programming language. Use hand tools to assemble a versatile robot chassis. And, you get to take the Raspberry Pi 3 and your robot home with you at the end of the class.

Robotics Apprenticeship - Dates & Rates

Maker Apprenticeship – Programming, Electronics, and Woodworking!

In the Leo’s first “Maker” Apprenticeship, students will be guided in the basics of electronics, programming, woodworking, and 3d CAD software by the Leo’s Resident Maker. Students will choose their own final project, collaborating with Leo staff to design and build. One example project: constructing a wooden lock box with an Arduino-controlled lock.(Note: some power tools will be used, and additional liability paperwork may be required.)

Maker Apprenticeship - Dates & Rates