Summer Camps at The Leonardo

Camps for 1st-2nd Graders

Camps for 3rd-4th Graders

Camps for 5th-7th Graders


Camps for 1st-2nd Graders

Bubble & Balloon Bonanza

Join us for a week of balloon and bubbly fun! Brew a batch of bubbles larger than you and make bathbombs that fizz! Blow up balloons to make hovercrafts move, catapult them as far as you can and more.

Bubble & Balloon Bonanza Date & Rates

Ninjas in Training

Are you ready to sharpen your ninja skills? Learn to be a really cool ninja by building your own ninja tools, testing your skills by running an obstacle corse, and learning some ninja moves.

Ninjas in Training - Dates & Rates

Modern Art 2D & 3D with Clever Octopus

Students will explore our favorite modern artists, from Basquiat to Yayoi Kusama, and create 2D and 3D art and toys from materials destined for the landfill. We will learn about creative reuse and thinking creatively to use unusual materials to make amazing things!


Modern Art 2D & 3D - Dates & Rates


Paper Art with Clever Octopus

Romare Bearden, Eric Carle, and Henri Matisse all cut paper to make their distinctive collages, so we will explore their work and create our own. But paper doesn’t have to just be flat! We will also use paper strips to build marble mazes and more!

Paper Art - Dates & Rates

Science with Seuss

Today is the day to read, to imagine, to explore. Read Dr. Seuss’ stories and recreate some of that magic through science. Bake green food, synthesize Oobleck, build your own Who-ville, and more!

Science with Seuss - Dates & Rates

All Aboard!

Take chances, make mistakes and get messy. Delve into the stories of the Magic School bus by crafting and experimenting. Join us for a ride into a hurricane, get lost in the solar system, dive into the human body, and more!

All Aboard! - Dates & Rates

Colorful Chemistry with Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum

Chemistry colors our world in many ways. In this fun and engaging summer camp students will explore the world of chemistry through the sweet and colorful sights of candy!

Colorful Chemistry - Dates & Rates

Myth Busted with Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum

Busted! Myth Meets Science in a fun hands-on way. Have you ever wondered about those fun, silly legends that we often hear about, such as the five second rule? Now is your opportunity to test some of them out at the Leonardo with the Discovery Gateway Myth investigating team! You’ll use and test critical thinking skills to design experiments and test those myth’s!

Myth Busted - Dates & Rates

Camps for 3rd-4th Graders

Game On!

Calling all gamers. Come experience video game history from Pong to today’s indie titles. Learn how to program games with Scratch. Make your own videogame crafts and, of course, play all sorts of games! Insert coin here.

Game On! - Dates & Rates

Go for the Gold!

Who’s going to win it all? Campers will create teams for a weeklong competition. See whose team can work together and come up with the best ideas and show off their knowledge. Complete challenges by building planes and ships, programming with Sphero, flying drones, and more.

Go for the Gold! - Dates & Rates

In a Galaxy Far Far Away

Calling all Jedi Masters and Sith Lords! Come explore the world of Star Wars as they make their own lightsaber, build an X-wing fighter, and so much more!

In A Galaxy Far Far Away - Dates & Rates

Galactic Explorers With Clark Planetarium

How do scientists explore the universe? We’ll find out through hands on activities and projects! Campers will design a spacesuit, create and launch their own spacecraft, learn what it takes to hunt for alien life on exotic worlds and more!

Galactic Explorers - Dates & Rates

Out of the Box

Get ready to create! Join us as we create a world of cardboard. Imagine explore and create unique hands-on building summer camp. Campers will build their own cardboard robot suit,create a cardboard city build dragons, and much more!

Out of the Box - Dates & Rates


Join us as we explore math and art. We will use geometry to create unique works of art, like building a real stained glass window,experiment with tessellation and 3-D goemetric scultpures. We will learn about artists Mondrian and M.C. Escher and your children will create and review math concepts in a fun collaborative environment.

a+b=c(reativity) - Dates & Rates

Engineers Assemble

In this camp, campers will take charge of their destiny and become a superhero! Campers will discover their superhero power. Campers will explore the engineering behind the hero, be creating their own arc reactor, and creating the strongest spider web.

Engineers Assemble - Dates & Rates

Wizard Academy

A spellbinding summer camp for wizards and wtiches in which we’ll explore the history of magic, sort into houses, play some quidditch and make their own magic wand!

Wizard Academy - Dates & Rates

Camps for 5th-7th Graders

Light It Up!

Explore electricity and computer programing as we build cool interactive circuits with LEDs. Campers will create a programmable light display, will explore breadboard circuits and learn soldering skills. Campers will learn about color wave,light and build a Lava lamp!

Light It Up! - Dates & Rates

Mold It, Melt It, Make It!

Join us as we explore science of sculpture! Campers will carve cast and create unique works of art during this week long summer camp. They will melt and shape metal and learn about glass working and create their own stone carving.

Mold it, Melt It, Make It! - Dates & Rates

Cooking Around The World

Travel around the world and visit countries like Brazil, Italy, Japan and more! Explore their culture by creating art or learning a new game. Chef Matt will be there to help cook authentic food like chocolate truffles from Brazil, tempura vegetables from Japan, and fry bread from the Native Americans with the campers and so much more!

Cooking Around the World - Dates & Rates

Camp Innovate

Are you ready for a challenge? Do you care what happens to our environment? In Camp Innovate, campers will learn the tools needed in order to be innovative and creative to solve a real world problem. Campers will get into teams and work together to find a solution or idea to an environmental problem affecting us today.

Camp Innovate - Dates & Rates

micro:bit Hackers

A hands-on introduction to the world of micro-controllers; the tiny computers that control the simple devices we use with every day. Campers will learn digital logic through fun and socially active games and learn the fundamentals of electronics and computer programming with the world-acclaimed micro:bit™ controller.

micro:bit Hackers - Dates & Rates

Mad Makers

Did you know that one of Leonardo da Vinci’s many talents was sculpting! Campers will tap into their inner-sculpting genius to build and create their favorite objects in various media. They’ll model objects using legos, mold with clay, and virtualize with 3D computer-assisted-drawing (CAD).

micro:bit Hackers - Dates & Rates

LEGO® Robotics

LEGO® bricks and Robotics combined makes for a fun filled week! Campers will build LEGO® Mindstorms Robots and practice programming. In teams they will challenge themselves to FIRST LEGO® League missions, learn to fuse art and tech with creative programs, and even test their skills at battle bots.

LEGO® - Dates & Rates

CGI Studio

Explore the art and tech of motion and visual effects. Campers will practice traditional and computer animation and learn how those arts and Computer Generated Images are implemented in our daily lives via movies, TV, apps, video games and virtual/augmented reality. Students will collaborate on an app project to make their own AR experience and augment an exhibit space using their animations and motion graphics.

Animation - Dates & Rates
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