Understanding a complicated topic, such as the basic standard for human rights, calls for a prolonged moment of consideration.

Watch interviews of young perspectives on human rights.

Listen to soundscapes of historical human rights speeches and interviews.

Color murals inspired by the declaration of human rights commissioned by local artists.

Interact with a visitor generated info-graphic that focuses on gratitude for many of our basic human rights.

We Declare will open on April 9th.

The UN Declaration of Human Rights recognizes that in order to live in a free and peaceful world, we need to establish a baseline for what constitutes a basic human right.

In the spirit of the UN Declaration of the 30 articles of human rights, we are asking 30 individuals to contribute $1,000 each in a statement supporting basic human rights. These 30 individuals will be invited to the opening of the exhibit and asked to sign The Leonardo’s declaration in support of Human Rights which will be displayed in the exhibit for the entirety of it’s run.

Those interested in contributing  can email development@theleonardo.org or call 801-531-9800 ext 110

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